Is autumn the best time to sell a house in Kyneton?

Autumn in Kyneton brings changing colours and crisp mornings, but it also brings with it the perfect time to sell your house.

The misconception that spring is the best time to sell is driven by ideas of warmer weather and general optimism after a long winter. It is a time of year where lots of houses are listed on the market.

With autumn however, it is about quality over quantity. Here’s why.

The silly season is over

Come autumn, most people will be well and truly back at work after extended time off over Christmas. Buyers have had time to plan, research the market, and fulfil their few New Year resolutions. Generally speaking, many buyers are serious about buying at this time of year after the frenzy of the holidays is behind them.  

Fewer properties to compete with.

Ever heard of the term a ‘buyers market’? During spring and summer, the market can become flooded with properties, which – depending on market conditions – can create an oversupply of properties. In autumn, when there are fewer properties for sale, you have less competition and converting into a successful sale is likely.

Kyneton is stunning in autumn.

There is no doubt that Kyneton is beautiful, but autumn tends to bring out a beauty that is simply idyllic. Stunning clear skies, stable temperatures and trees that are bursting with colour. Autumn is a season that can enhance your home, being a focal point amongst the natural beauty of the region. 

If you choose to sell your home in autumn, be mindful of the Easter holidays when many people go on holiday. It might be a good idea putting your house on the market right at the beginning of autumn when the weather’s at its best and prospective buyers have a chance to view it before they get away.