Taking care of an historical home

There’s something fantastically dreamy about owning and potentially renovating your own slice of history. The fantasy of touching a worn bluestone corner, a much-loved timber bannister or simply becoming caretaker to over a century of stories can be a breathtaking opportunity.

Being on the cusp of the Goldfields run, the mid 1850s saw a huge growth in the township of Kyneton which quickly became the main agricultural centre of the state. Large bluestone flour mills were built to house the wheat, courthouses, churches and hotels serving as accommodation and eateries followed soon after.

Kyneton is rich in history and you can see this down most streets, in particular the iconic Piper Street which is home to the original Bank of NSW, now the Kyneton Museum positioned alongside many great preserved properties.

Bluestone buildings, old warehouses, faded ghost signs on the sides of buildings are just some of the fascinating indicators of times of the past.

Becoming an owner of an historical property can become a full-time job in itself. Heritage overlays, permits and restoration require research. A caretaker of an historical property doesn’t just invest money, but love and time.

The local historical society and the Victorian Archives can provide assistance when researching your historical home. These organisations can open up a treasure trove of information on your property which can assist with planning renovations or restorations. You could find photographs, articles on previous owners, plans, maps and more.

I meet many buyers or just curious property sleuths who are searching for their periodic home, perhaps a house with a story or something old that they are hoping to inject a fresh breath of life into.

Kyneton is a beautiful bluestone building country capital. Preservation is a role of passion and if you are looking to secure your own slice of the past, I can help you find your new historical adventure.