Planning to Purchase: Buying Property in Kyneton

I have many potential buyers contacting me for advice on how to get into the Kyneton property market. With regional Victoria increasing daily as a destination for first home buyers and those looking for a tree change, I advise my clients to be as prepared as possible so that when that desirable property is up for sale, they’re ready to go.

To start looking for a property, one must always know their budget. Now is the time to get finances in order and speak to a mortgage broker or a bank to set expectations.

It is advisable to have saved around 20% for a house deposit to avoid paying extra fees in insurance.  Interest rates are very low at the moment, but the regional Victorian market has increased. It can be concerning for the potential buyer to work out when the right time is to buy, but know that you will be ready in your own time.

When you meet with your bank or broker, they will assess your current financial situation, looking at your savings, your income, your assets and any ongoing financial commitments such as car loans and other mortgages.

It’s important that you are realistic about what you can afford. Your bank or broker can provide advice on this, but you also don’t want to be living off canned beans for the rest of your life! Shopping around for a good interest rate takes time, but it can also save you thousands in the long run.

Before you start placing bids on dream properties, consider getting a loan pre-approval. These can last up to 6 months and sets an affordable price range for when you start house hunting, showing sellers that you’re serious about buying.

And finally, it’s time for you to find a house to buy. As you look for the balance between lifestyle and comfort, Kyneton heads into its glorious autumnal season. To discuss the Kyneton property market, please contact me at