Seeking Approval: House hunting when you have pre-approval

Have you ever saved up your hard earned cash to eventually go out and purchase that one item that you have had your eyes on forever…. And then it is unavailable?

Purchasing a property can have a similar affect, so it pays to plan ahead and seek pre-approval. If you have decided that you are ready to buy a home, you might find yourself racing to your nearest realestate board or jumping online to find your dream house.

Hold your horses!

We are all seeking approval in some way or another, and a pre-approval letter from a choice lender shows that you’re a serious buyer ready to make a serious purchase.

We are living in a highly competitive market in Kyneton and regional Victoria. The demand is high, and properties are rushing out the door, with hungry buyers patiently sitting tight on a waitlist.

By arranging a pre-approval letter through your mortgage lender, you become very appealing to the seller. And this is crucial in the current housing market.

A pre-approval letter states that there is a lender out there who believes you are capable of owning and paying for a house. The letter – which is valid for between 60-90 days – locks in a mortgage rate and is your ticket to ride when you commence your house-hunting.

Seek pre-approval from your lender of choice and show the seller you’re serious, then come and speak to me about the current property market in Kyneton and surrounds. And let’s find you a home. For further information and to make an appointment visit