Rug up and head to an inspection this winter

It’s no secret… Kyneton is one of the coldest places in Victoria during winter. For buyers looking to secure their new nest in the Macedon Ranges, I recommend rugging up and heading to an inspection this winter before choosing to hibernate until spring.

During winter, Kyneton puts on a sparkling show. Once the morning frost lifts, the winter wonderland appears offering many beautiful opportunities for buyers venturing into the market.

Whilst spring is considered to be the time to buy and sell property, it’s worth considering winter as a possible moment to finding your dream house and then enjoying the wattle appearing outside your new north-facing window by the time spring comes around.

One of the biggest advantages of buying a home during the coldest months is the lack of competition. While your fellow buyers are at home warming their toes, you can be inspecting and negotiating and warming up your wallet. Winter buyers will have a much better chance of scoring their property.

There are fewer houses on the market during winter but where quantity lacks, quality rules. This is the time to compare the market and negotiate your best offer.

Kyneton is very cold and future country dwellers need to know what they’re getting into. Winter is the perfect time to see if the house is warm enough and will protect you from the cold, wind and rain. The colder weather will give you a good indication of how the winter conditions affect the house and if there are any issues with draughts, drainage, natural light and the heating system; this is a good time to include this in your negotiations.

So what are you waiting for? Rug out and step out into Kyneton’s winter wonderland. You might even find yourself a heartwarming house ready to move in to by spring. Say hello and chat about the Kyneton market by booking an appointment today.