Shop online: anything is virtually possible

Another lockdown doesn’t mean another letdown when it comes to buying or selling a home.

Our online auctions have been very successful and achieving great results and we’ve been busy with video walk-throughs resulting in bids from buyers in Melbourne and Sydney.

In the pre-covid days of yore, real estate was about the physical viewings and open homes. Whilst many of the state’s industries have come to a stand-still, the real estate market has thrived. Auctions are now happening online, and we are receiving an abundance of enquiries for properties and virtual inspections.

This shows that even with restrictions at play across Victoria, this hasn’t meant that buying of selling real estate is off the cards. It just means the industry has had to adapt to the growing demand and switch to an accessible online format. Our marketing campaigns for properties have changed with more imagery, video options and virtual walk-throughs, taking the potential buyer on a journey through the property.

We have seen a huge increase in online enquiries during the last two lockdowns with buyers keen to put an offer down without physically seeing the house. This is a combination of people having more time at home to spend online and being in lockdown has made us all question our home and lifestyle choices.

For sellers thinking about listing their home, we can provide a virtual appraisal and work out where a property sits in terms of price range.

For buyers, now is the time to do your research online. Look at how a house presents itself in an online format but also request a video walk through so you can get an understanding of the property. Take a virtual stroll down the street with Google Street View and investigate the locality of the property.

If you see something you really like on one of your lockdown walks, contact us and get on the list so that you are the first in line for when physical viewings resume. In the meantime, now’s the time to get to know your new neighbourhood virtually.