Off-the-plan planning: curate your home concept

With Kyneton in hot demand for home seekers this spring, an opportunity awaits for city dwellers set on a regional escape to get their foot in the door of the property market.

Set alongside the stunning Campaspe River, the new urban landscape offers a stunning view of the Macedon Ranges with shopping, restaurants, and the Kyneton township just a hop, skip or bike ride away!

Victoria’s on again / off again lockdowns have proven to be a boon for the new housing market with buyers purchasing property and homes off-the-plan.

Lockdowns have affected inspections and access to regional centres for people coming from the city, and there are a lot of vendors waiting for restrictions to ease before putting their house on the market. However, when it comes to selling a new home – Kyneton on Riverside is selling the regional dream and the buyer can curate the concept.

This format of purchasing provides the buyer with control over their new home layout and design, without being able to access a property for a private inspection.

According to, enquiries for new homes across Victoria soared 87% over the past year, with the off-the-plan purchasing path being an ideal scenario in a climate that lacks a lot of established home listings.

The new Kyneton on Riverside is a community filled with bike and walking tracks, open spaces and close access to schools and amenities, and let’s not forget the sensational arts and café culture Kyneton has to offer. With entry-point prices, the new home development is an excellent gateway to Kyneton.

For potential buyers seeking the community and country lifestyle or who are just entering the property market, buying off the plan in a picturesque location could be the perfect place to start.

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Shop online: anything is virtually possible

Another lockdown doesn’t mean another letdown when it comes to buying or selling a home.

Our online auctions have been very successful and achieving great results and we’ve been busy with video walk-throughs resulting in bids from buyers in Melbourne and Sydney.

In the pre-covid days of yore, real estate was about the physical viewings and open homes. Whilst many of the state’s industries have come to a stand-still, the real estate market has thrived. Auctions are now happening online, and we are receiving an abundance of enquiries for properties and virtual inspections.

This shows that even with restrictions at play across Victoria, this hasn’t meant that buying of selling real estate is off the cards. It just means the industry has had to adapt to the growing demand and switch to an accessible online format. Our marketing campaigns for properties have changed with more imagery, video options and virtual walk-throughs, taking the potential buyer on a journey through the property.

We have seen a huge increase in online enquiries during the last two lockdowns with buyers keen to put an offer down without physically seeing the house. This is a combination of people having more time at home to spend online and being in lockdown has made us all question our home and lifestyle choices.

For sellers thinking about listing their home, we can provide a virtual appraisal and work out where a property sits in terms of price range.

For buyers, now is the time to do your research online. Look at how a house presents itself in an online format but also request a video walk through so you can get an understanding of the property. Take a virtual stroll down the street with Google Street View and investigate the locality of the property.

If you see something you really like on one of your lockdown walks, contact us and get on the list so that you are the first in line for when physical viewings resume. In the meantime, now’s the time to get to know your new neighbourhood virtually.


Make Hay While The Sun Shines

It’s a seller’s market out there!

In the last three months, Kyneton property prices have risen a huge 4% and 10% in the last 12 months and it doesn’t look like the market is slowing down anytime soon.

Recently, neighbouring suburbs Macedon and Mt Macedon recorded a median house price of $1 million for the first time and we have been seeing more and more properties priced in a similar bracket in the Kyneton region.

A new report by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) showed the average duration a property in the Macedon Ranges was on the market for was reduced by more than two weeks across the last year.

The data highlighted that regional towns were part of a trend across Victoria, with properties being purchased in the shortest amount of time since 2010 – an average of less than 40 days on the market across the state. We are now looking at Kyneton properties being on the market for less than three months on average – this is a huge difference to what we were seeing ten years ago.

Last year we were predicting a drop in sales with the uncertainty of the global pandemic on our doorstep, but with the change in consumer behaviour, working from home options and lifestyle priorities the market has pivoted, and we are seeing an increasing number of Melburnians moving to regional areas.

Buyer demand is high and there are often multiple offers on a property making for a highly competitive market. There is an increased interest in private property listings and a quick view of real estate websites shows there is not a great supply of properties in our area.

If you have been thinking about selling, upgrading or downsizing, perhaps it’s time to look at your own property and consider your options. This could be an excellent time to assess your biggest financial asset and make hay while the sun shines!

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New Financial Year, New You.

With all these swift lockdowns, border closures and snaplock decisions based on our health and safety taking place around Australia, it can feel as though we are living in an almost post-apocalyptic world – similar to what could be seen in a television mini-series.

There’s a thirst and a drive for a sense of home and of finding comfort within one’s space and in this current ‘seller’s market’ we are seeing not only a demand from city dwellers seeking a tree change but from potential buyers looking for ‘bush blocks’ to create their own haven away from the noise and news of the world.

These are unprecedented times – a saying that we have become adapted to using over the last 18 months. In times of fear and unknowing, we reach for our comfort kits whether this is a block of chocolate or pottering in a garden of one’s own.

Bush blocks are lifestyle properties, meaning you can change the way you live by adapting to your own landscape through developing a garden to become self-sufficient, to raising chooks or livestock, adding solar panels and embracing your very own patch of land.

We have seen a few blocks and properties come on the market offering this new lifestyle and pace. As we enter a new financial year, financial and lifestyle goals become apparent. Perhaps a bush block is what you have been seeking to relax into the comforts of home and nature? New financial year, new you.

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Rug up and head to an inspection this winter

It’s no secret… Kyneton is one of the coldest places in Victoria during winter. For buyers looking to secure their new nest in the Macedon Ranges, I recommend rugging up and heading to an inspection this winter before choosing to hibernate until spring.

During winter, Kyneton puts on a sparkling show. Once the morning frost lifts, the winter wonderland appears offering many beautiful opportunities for buyers venturing into the market.

Whilst spring is considered to be the time to buy and sell property, it’s worth considering winter as a possible moment to finding your dream house and then enjoying the wattle appearing outside your new north-facing window by the time spring comes around.

One of the biggest advantages of buying a home during the coldest months is the lack of competition. While your fellow buyers are at home warming their toes, you can be inspecting and negotiating and warming up your wallet. Winter buyers will have a much better chance of scoring their property.

There are fewer houses on the market during winter but where quantity lacks, quality rules. This is the time to compare the market and negotiate your best offer.

Kyneton is very cold and future country dwellers need to know what they’re getting into. Winter is the perfect time to see if the house is warm enough and will protect you from the cold, wind and rain. The colder weather will give you a good indication of how the winter conditions affect the house and if there are any issues with draughts, drainage, natural light and the heating system; this is a good time to include this in your negotiations.

So what are you waiting for? Rug out and step out into Kyneton’s winter wonderland. You might even find yourself a heartwarming house ready to move in to by spring. Say hello and chat about the Kyneton market by booking an appointment today.