Understanding the local market


If you are looking to purchase a property as part of your investment portfolio, or to renovate and resell in a few years, you need to know which properties are in demand, and understand the unique streetscapes that exist in Kyneton.

Jennifer Pearce can help you find investment opportunities, doing the research and leg-work for you to find suitable properties that are more likely to maximize your investment returns.

Why is Kyneton the new property hotspot


Kyneton is experiencing significant growth, and while house prices are increasing in general, some locations and types of property are in more demand than others.

A diverse, growing community

Kyneton is a growing community and has seen an influx of young families from Melbourne’s trendy north seeking a tree change but still be close enough to commute to Melbourne.

Country lifestyle but close to town

Kyneton has that village feel but you can choose to live in town or semi rural and still have access to all of your community needs.

Award winning restaurants & eateries

Kyneton has some award winning restaurants, cafes and wineries. The quality of food and service is the pride of the town, drawing tourists from far and wide to dine and experience all Kyneton has to offer.

Classic Victorian streetscapes

Kyneton is made up of some of the most beautiful streetscapes and has a distinct old world charm to the village. Victorian homes have been beautifully restored to give the town a unique village feel.

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